Those with a soul urge/heart’s desire of 6 are dedicated to providing love and support for those around them. You love helping others and giving back, going out of your way to make sure people are happy and comfortable in life. However, this doesn’t come without drawbacks.

Soul urge 6 vibrates with the planet Venus, which is where it derives its energy from. This is why those with 6 are often nurturers, presenting feminine energy and traits. 

Below, I’ll dive deeper into soul urge number 6, providing associated traits and challenges that will explain why those with soul 6 do the things they do. 

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Complete Empathy

You have a superb ability to step into the shoes of others and understand their problems and pain, regardless of how complex. You seek to help and love as much as you can, providing a listening ear where it’s needed.

You’re a natural empath, about to offer support to loved ones when they’re in times of need. You can overlook any flaw and provide warmth and comfort on command. 

Not only do you listen and understand, but you also can provide good advice. You’re a creative being and have a knack for providing wholesome, harmonious conversions to those you place attention on.

The Mediator/The Counselor

You often play a nurturing role in social interactions, making sure those around you are happy and content. When tense or argumentative situations arise in social environments, you jump into action as the mediator or counselor listening to either party and helping them come to a solution. 

You can see this behavior early in a 6s life. They were often presented with argumentative situations in childhood and would seek to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. Additionally, those with soul 6 tend to provide support and comfort after the situation has dissipated. They can offer a sturdy and empathetic shoulder to cry on. 

Those with 6 offer nonjudgemental advice and only seek to bring harmony and love into people’s lives. They are not disagreeable and tend to avoid conflict where possible.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is a big component of a 6’s heart’s desire. They seek to provide happiness and love to all those around them. This brings them the most joy and they thrive when they see it in others’ behavior.

They’re the ultimate givers and don’t expect anything in return. They’re always there for people who need them and won’t hesitate to go the extra while if someone needs it. 

Those with 6 are family driven to the point where they can treat everyone like family. This is where the unconditional love trait originates from – you love your friends and acquaintances like they’re family. 


Those with heart’s desire 6 are the most loyal of all the numbers. They keep their word and never go back on themselves. This makes them dependable and reliable. 

6s make good partners, whether that is in personal life or business. They can be counted on and only ever seek to please those around them. Your generosity knows no limits.

Soul Urge 6 Compatibility and Relationships

You are incredibly affectionate in relationships and shower your lover with gifts and attention. This is a great trait to have, especially in the early stages of a relationship. 

However, you need to remember to take it easy and give yourself the love you’re providing to your partner. If you spend all your time caring for and supporting your other half, you will drain your energy. 

Because 6s give themselves to others, they can sometimes attract partners who seek to use them, even if it doesn’t appear that way at first. 6s should be attentive not to let parasites into their romantic worlds as it can leave a lasting impression. 

Key Advice for Soul Urge 6s to Improve

If you have soul urge 6 on your numerology chart, you will be faced with several challenges when fulfilling your heart’s desire. 

You may find that people will come into your life and abuse your love and kindness. 6s need to be aware of those who will accept their love and kindness and not give it back, as this will leave 6s hurt and deflated. 

Before you go smothering people with empathy and affection, you need to show yourself love first. Once you have learned to love yourself, your ability to love others will be amplified. Work on yourself and become the best version of yourself. This will also provide protection from those who only want to use you as a doormat. 

Additionally, be careful not to overload people with care and attention. It is not uncommon for those with the number 6 to become too involved in someone’s personal life and get themselves into trouble as a result. Be careful who you connect with and know when you back away.

Key Learnings
It’s ok to be selfish from time to time if it means building up your own energy. By working and caring about yourself first, you will be in a better spot to provide that nurturing, supportive role to those around you. 

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